I was born into a golfing family; some were club-makers, some were caddies others professionals and some good players but what we all had in common was golf. So golf has always been part of my life and I suppose  that it was enviable that I followed the path of becoming a golf professional.

It has always part of my nature to take things apart, to see how they work, try to make improvements and put it all back together again. To some degree that is what I am doing while teaching golf. Sometimes a subtle adjustment is all that is needed to see a dramatic change in performance, other times we need to look deeper into the technique to find the root cause of the problem. Whichever way we need to work we need to measure the progress in technique and performance, otherwise how do we gauge the improvement?

The way that I measure is through the use of technology. I work with Trackman, for use with the full swing, approach shots, short game and ball data for putting. I also work with Science and Motion’s PuttLab, solely for use with putting. A non-technological but scientific system that I also teach is AimPoint, a green reading system, which is used by many professional players on all the tours worldwide.

These systems afford me to give you the total package, from the tee to the green, no part of your game will be overlooked